Simply Be

Give Birth to a New Humankind centered on the Heart and Oneness with Nature
Today the world is suffering from a disease called Programming and Ego. For years, we've been carrying heavy rules and theories that we've agreed with just because someone told us to Major mistakes have been made in our education by people who loved us but were suffering themselves from the same lack of self love, self-esteem, confidence, faith and worthiness.
Receiving this information growing up, we began playing a role in our lives - a life that is too often based on someone else's story and history. We've been taught to «become» when we already are. We've been taught to «search outside» when we have already got it all inside.

The single focus of « Simply Be » with Yemaya is to Liberate people from all of these limitations and allow them to access their Divinity. We are all born as «Pure Love» and need to return to our natural state of Being.
When we are mentally present in the nhere and now, Infinite pos- sibilities open up...healing begins... and we finally Simply are in the present moment.

The « Simply Be » with Yemaya project is a Human Project. Guidance comes from the Heart ; the project works trought volunteers at different levels : fashion stars, designers, and, artists, including dancers, painters, singers, authors, movie stars, photographers, etc...
We insist on the fact that you have to instantly and naturally feel like you want to Be a part of the project as we only want to move through positive, high frequencies
I wish you Love...I wish you Dreams... Laurence Marchese

« Simply Be » with Yemaya is applying to every Human Being around the world with no difference. It is not a religion neither a trend but the new face of Humanity.
« SIMPLY BE » WITH YEMAYA : IN ACTION : A RELAY RACE We want to pass the «Simply Be» witness all over the world. It's time to empower People and above all ...our Children. It's time to form a community and transform the World into a Peaceful place where Peace Gratitude Love and Respect are the main Values.
« Simply Be » with Yemaya needs to raise funds in order to be able to : - organize Conferences in schools, camps, orphanages etc.... - actively and financially participate in ONG Foundations for Kids (Amoung them Association « Innocence en danger » France and many others in different countries)

Be a «Simply Be» with Yemaya example and guide. Act with us by joining the Vessel today!
You're an Individual
* Buy a «Simply Be» with Yemaya Passport on line (charter and e-news / events in the community ) * Buy a «Simply Be» tee shirt or products
You're an Artist
* Help us spread the message and allow us to use your visibility. All you need to do is give us a contact / address to send you a tee shirt, and return a picture of you wearing it along with a little Note on what «Simply Be» means to You. A profile on You will be added to the Community.
* Take part in our «Simply Be» with Yemaya events all over the world to reach out kids and people in need. Join our Conference Tours, talk about your passion and inspire the World with Simple words.
You're a Company
* Be a Partner / Sponsor - Friendly Partner 5000 Euros - Silver Partner 10 000 Euros - Golden Partner 20 000 Euros +
* Spread the Message by selling «Simply Be with Yemaya» products and tee shirts.
The First Goal of « Simply Be » with Yemaya is to raise Funds for Kids in different countries. All the details will be available on line so you know where your money and actions go! I wish for you to « Simply Be »